Apr 28, 2011

sweets n treats

What is your favorite sweet / treat? My favorite WAS Oreo's until I recently overheard someone talking about the Oreo filling as being pure chemical Crisco.  Now, I knew they were not healthy, and I would only eat them every once an a while, but that description of the filling has really stuck in my brain.  I guess I'll have to try the T. Joe's Oreo alternative.

PS. Butter. It's not really a sweet OR a treat, unless of course you go state fair style (san diego...eh hem..) and enjoy battered butter on a stick. Whaaat!!? Funnel cake IS however an acceptable state fair snack, and one I accidentally forgot to include in the doodle. Better yet still, just go for chili powdered mango on a stick. Health is wealth! 

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