Feb 21, 2011

The lemon tree has citrus bud mites and produces the most unusual and beautiful (but sadly inedible) lemons.
Some of the lemons are normal and delicious, some only fit to compost in the heap, and they will eventually move into these new raised beds we just made. So excited to grow our own food this year! Until then we will be getting a bi-weekly CSA box. Researching DIY worm farms too...
I enjoyed the clover patch, but it had to go for bed space. Plus no matter how often I bathed her and rid her of fleas, she would jaunt through and pick more up. So bye bye clover patch.

A lovely sunny day of mexican mocha, doodles, and Monster Movie on the ipod until the side seam on my skirt split all the way to the waist, and I rode my bike home with picnic blanket tied around me hoping it would not be caught in the gears and yanked off. Adventure!

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